Doing what you do best, that’s what you need to focus on. That’s why we take care of your Network & Cloud infrastructure and ensure 24/7 that it is secure, performs optimally and is ready for the next step.



Quanza provides network solutions and management services for organizations with a Network & Cloud infrastructure where every second counts. Through specialist technological knowledge, independent business operations and highly personalized services, Quanza has been providing a stepping stone for digital innovation at vital infrastructures in the Netherlands for over 20 years.


Choose for development and innovation. Employees spend a lot of time managing existing infrastructure. When Quanza manages the infrastructure, it frees up space for your employees. They can focus on important tasks that only your organization can perform well, such as innovation and development.


The infrastructure must perform optimally to achieve organizational goals. Quanza's operators ensure day in and day out that your infrastructure performs optimally. But that is nit where our expertise ends. We lay the foundation for achieving your organizational goals. We are here for you 24/7.

Predictable costs

Preventing problems is better and cheaper than solving them. Our operators deal with infrastructural challenges every day. When outsourcing your network to Quanza, you no longer have to worry about people, planning, training or personnel administration.



Your organization deserves a Network & Cloud infrastructure that performs optimally. And therefore, it is only logical that you are critical in your search for a suitable partner. And so are we. Technically everything is possible. You are looking for a party that goes the extra mile and understands your business challenges. A partner who continues where the rest stops.

Managed Infrastructure

Quanza’s Managed Infrastructure is a total solution for organizations that want the advantages, but not the disadvantages of their own network. With Managed Infrastructure, Quanza takes over all technical, administrative and management aspects of your infrastructure.

NOC as a Service

Noc as a Service is the “human” side of our Managed Infrastructure service. You already have engineers (internal or external), but staffing a NOC 24/7 is a big investment. NOC as a Service is the perfect solution.

Tailored Services

In specific cases, you only want to outsource part of your network. This may be because, for example, it involves a part of your infrastructure that is completely separate. Or because it concerns a specific technology.

“In a years time, the availability of our online channels was among the highest in the market."

Outsource Network & Cloud infrastructure? Schedule a call!

At Quanza, we realize all too well that outsourcing a Network & Cloud infrastructure doesn’t happen overnight. Do you want to know what outsourcing management will mean for your organization? Schedule a video call with one of our experts.


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