When the going gets tough, we get going.

We like nothing better.

Think of your organization as a Digital Enterprise unique in its kind, for which, an ‘always on’ IT infrastructure is the key to optimal results. When selecting an IT partner, naturally you set the bar high. For you uptime is sacred so risks are best avoided and you need effective solutions to problems. You require a partner that goes the extra mile. One that can make anything work. You’ve found Quanza.

Your basis, our…

You may finish that phrase yourself. No two infrastructures are the same, of course. Naturally, client requirements and aspirations are too high and too specific for a shared service or a standard solution. Is there really anything ‘standard’ about an IT infrastructure? Indeed there is: it has to be available at all times, and must perform flawlessly. The rest? Tailor-made work through and through, achieved step by step. Quanzaites have turned this into an art form.


Creative designs, based on best-of-breed products, fitting your budget? How else could we have achieved success after success for our clients?


Making promises and keeping them. Wonderful. We love it when a plan comes together.


With more than 15 years experience under our belt, we’ve mastered support. 24 hours a day, our comprehensive monitoring and knowledgable eyes on the screen detect problems quickly. We will often fix them before you are even aware of there being an issue!

They found Quanza

What do we do at Quanza? We take it to the next level. With pragmatic processes and smart people we provide solutions and services that no one else can or will deliver. Our customers benefit from this every day. A selection from our client portfolio:

Quanza - KPN International
Quanza - Avrotros
Quanza - Versio
Quanza - Docdata
Quanza - Payvision
Quanza - MWM2
Quanza - 123inkt
Quanza - Qmusic
Quanza - SURFnet

New chances

New technology means new challenges. It’s great if a new system can be put into service immediately but your staff are busy with day-to-day business. So who will tackle the implementation? Quanza can offer tailor-made help.

What’s in a name…

The word Engineering is part of our company name. Not surprising, really. That’s because it stands exactly for what we do daily: applying our knowledge to design, build, manage and improve IT infrastructure. We started small in 2001, and despite having now grown into a professional organization with more than 60 staff, to this very day our focus is still mainly on technology.

Datacenter Services

Looking for a local partner to rack, stack and cable your datacenter equipment in the Netherlands? In search of an IT infrastructure specialist that can provide ongoing support on your datacenter installations around Europe? Look no further and try our professional Datacenter Services.

Optimal performance

Do what you do best and leave us to deal with your IT problems. We offer a full-stack approach, custom made solutions, a 24/7 support service portfolio, and ISO certification. That’s how we ensure that technology does its job every day. Our areas of expertise are both broad and in-depth.


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Working with the best

All of the infrastructures we build, we design with best-of-breed solutions from A-brand partners:

Quanza - Corning NPI
Quanza - Huawei
Quanza - Solarflare
Quanza - Panduit Certified Installer
Quanza - HP Enterprise

Strictly certified

Whether it’s about switching or routing, storage or security solutions, our technical team is convinced of the added value of the products from each vendor. So it’s no surprise that we have all the necessary certification in-house, enjoying a high partner status.

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So now you know: we are available 24/7. Looking for advice? Want to brainstorm with a Quanzaite? Contact us!

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