The Quanza solution to optimal IT infrastructures

People and tech combined

Starting where other back off

Your organization deserves an IT infrastructure that’s optimized for availability. It makes sense that, in the search for a suitable IT partner, you may be cynical or cautious. Because technically, everything is already possible. You are looking for a partner that goes one step further. A company that just starts where others dare not to go ahead. At Quanza you will find people who do not fear customization and who actually like a challenge.

What clients say

We don’t have a favorite industry to work for. Because every client gives us a unique challenge. We just provide a suitable solution. Take a look at our portfolio and read what our  clients say about us.

Quanza - RAM Infotechnology

How we think and work

Your IT environment cannot be without customization. No two infrastructures are the same. Still, there is one common denominator: it must always be available and perform optimally. Next to that, we think that:

  • Uptime is sacred
  • Risks should be avoided
  • Problems need to be solved immediately

The rest? Made-to-measure, realised step by step. We work according to the principle: Design – Build – Operate. Here’s how that works:


Our bright minds design creative solutions for an optimally available infrastructure.


We roll up our sleeves and get to it. Fast and error-free implementation and integration, for and by true technicians.


We continuously keep an eye on things. We are available 24×7, so also after office hours.

Quanza equals Engineering

Engineering is purposely part of our company name. It stands for what we do every day: applying knowledge to design, build, operate and improve IT infrastructures. We started small in 2001, and although we have grown into a professional organization of more than 75 people, we are still mainly concerned with technology.

Part of SURFnet?

Since June 2016, Quanza has been responsible for the operational network management of the SURFnet network. Are you a member of SURFnet and would you like to be informed about the latest developments? Then subscribe to our newsletter.

Working with the best partners

When only the best solution is enough, it’s nice to be able to count on premium partners. We like to work with these companies:


Whether it’s switching or routing, storage or security solutions, from every manufacturer, our technical team is fully convinced of the added value of its products. Therefore we have all the necessary certifications in-house so that we enjoy a high partner status.

Our solutions

Our knowledge extends to several expertises:

Contact us

Do you have a pressing question for the people at Quanza? Or do you just want a sparring partner? You can reach out to us anytime. We are available 24×7.

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