People and tech combined

Almost everyone chooses a brand by feeling. A feeling of recognition, sympathy and trust. For that you need a face, the people who make it; bright minds, enthusiastic engineers, cool consultants. The people of Quanza.

We are proud

Informeel en tegelijkertijd professioneel. Plezier combineren met bikkelhard werken. De klant centraal stellen zonder de ongeremde passie voor techniek onder stoelen of banken te steken. Oplossingen bedenken en sjouwen met kabels. Het werpt al jaren z’n vruchten af. Quanza blijft groeien. En daar zijn we best wel een beetje trots op.

Techie, geek, nerd…

Most of our employees are unbeatable technicians, for every problem a technical solution is immediately invented, every new device extensively admired and tested. Whether something needs to be built, selected or repaired.

See us as engineers, technicians, geeks, nerds if necessary. However, you never have to doubt our professionalism. We are certified by our partners, and ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

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  • Quanza - Organisatie
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  • Quanza - Organisatie

Nice words by nice people



“Quanza seems like a company of friends. You’re here to help clients as good as possible and that’s done in a very pleasant atmosphere.”


“The way of working and how information is shared feels like a Silicon Valley company to me. Never before have I come across a company in the Netherlands where you can play a game of FIFA with your team leader during the breaks.”


“Quanza offers customization and every client has different instructions. If we spot issues without an instruction, we’ll make one.” 

Vragen? Vragen!

Schroom niet. Stuur ons een bericht en we nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met u op.