Being busy with your Network & Cloud infrastructure daily, leaving no room for innovation and growth. Having questions about performance optimization or security. Wanting to cut costs but not knowing how or losing sleep over legacy systems. Sound familiar? Not if you choose to outsource your infrastructure. We provide an optimal performing base that your organization can rely on and build upon.


To be successful, you want to make full use of digital technology. Your own Network & Cloud infrastructure is a logical and perhaps the only choice for your organization. How do you create a structured network that is also future-proof and can respond to changing demands?


We don't need to tell you how important cybersecurity is. The dangers lie in wait and legislation and regulations respond to them. Your organization must therefore continually shift gears in order to comply with them. But how do you keep your knowledge up to date and ensure that you react quickly enough in case of a cyber attack?

Predictable costs

Preventing problems is better and cheaper than solving them. Our operators deal with infrastructural challenges every day. Therefore, they are always aware of recurring issues and are tremendously effective in solving them. When outsourcing your network to Quanza, you no longer have to worry about FTEs, planning, training or personnel administration.

"With Quanza, we now provide an excellent user experience to our 500.000+ monthly website visitors."


In good

Your network is the core of your Network & Cloud infrastructure, and an essential and distinctive part of your business operations. It’s important that it’s managed by real experts. Our operators understand how important it is for a modern organization to properly manage its complex network and to always be ready for the next strategic step. To this end, we are certified by our trusted partners and have the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Therefore, the scalability and complexity of your infrastructure are in good hands with us.

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At Quanza, we realize all too well that outsourcing a Network & Cloud infrastructure doesn’t happen overnight. Do you want to know what outsourcing management will mean for your organization? Schedule a video call with one of our experts.