To be successful in business, you have to make full use of digital technology. An in-house network, cloud or hybrid infrastructure is a logical and perhaps the only choice for your organization. However, this choice means that your organization will have to think about how to organize the management of this ICT infrastructure best.

Requirements for your network are constantly changing. Before you know it, you have a collection of devices, connections and suppliers that function well individually but could be more efficient together.

How do you get to an optimally structured network that is also future-proof and can respond to these changing requirements? Managing your Network & Cloud infrastructure takes resources, attention and most importantly, a lot of time. You would most likely rather direct this energy and focus on your core business. 



A partner who specializes in Network & Cloud infrastructure management can take care of this management faster and better, because of its expertise and scale. This creates space for you to focus on what you are good at. Your partner must have an overview of the entire network, whether it is on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid configuration.

The interpretation of the network must match the support needs of your organization. For example, does a partner take over all support or only 2e and 3e line support? In practice, you can only achieve optimal support if there is one point of contact that bears all the responsibility.
When choosing an operator for your Network & Cloud infrastructure, it is not just about technology or equipment. When you contact them, you want to speak to a knowledgeable colleague. Qualities to look out for:


An infrastructure that performs optimally. Day in, day out, all year round.


A team of experts that is regularly trained with the latest developments and certifications.


Technical experts who are available 24/7 should an issue arise. This does not just mean someone who picks up the phone, but expert colleagues who solve the problem for you immediately.

Tight processes

The last thing you want to worry about is FTEs, scheduling, training or personnel administration. Make sure your partner has all of these processes set up in a predictable way.


Flexibility sounds like the antithesis of rigid processes. In practice, the qualities actually reinforce each other. If the basics are in place, flexibility is possible. And let’s face it, it’s sometimes necessary.


You want to be assured that your network will continue to meet the demands of your business operations in the future. You don’t want to be held back in your strategic development by a lagging network. The right operator gives you solicited and unsolicited advice on the roadmap of your network.

"We come up with our requirements. Together with Qaunza we investigate which solution offers true value."

Space for innovation

Choose for development and innovation. Employees spend a lot of time managing their own infrastructure, so things like innovation and development are often secondary. When Quanza manages the Network & Cloud infrastructure, it frees up space for your employees. They can focus on important tasks that only your organization can properly perform, such as innovation and development.

Optimal performance

The infrastructure must perform optimally to achieve organizational goals. Quanza's operators ensure that day in and day out, your infrastructure performs optimally. But our experts go a step further. You can see them as an extension of your organization: our employees know your organization and speak your language. This is how we lay the foundation for achieving your organizational goals. And if there is an issue, we are here for you 24/7.

Predictable costs

Preventing problems is better and cheaper than solving them. Our operators deal with Network & Cloud infrastructure issues/challenges on a daily basis. Therefore, they are always aware of recurring issues and are enormously effective in solving them. When outsourcing your network to Quanza, you no longer have to worry about FTEs, planning, training or personnel administration.

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