At Quanza, we believe that Network & Cloud infrastructure is the foundation of any successful business. That is why we have been managing networks of organizations that want to fully focus on their own services, for over twenty years.

Quanza works from a customer’s point of view. Your wishes are our priority, and our solutions are frequently standardized and designed based on best practices gained from extensive experience. You are therefore always assured of a quick start with high-quality solutions, that are tailor-made for your organization.

We make the difference by looking beyond today’s demand. We provide an optimal performing infrastructure for all your applications, now and in the future. Quanza is the operator for organizations with their own Network & Cloud infrastructure.

Managed Infrastructure

Quanza's Managed Infrastructure is a total solution for organizations that want the advantages, but not the disadvantages of their own network. With Managed Infrastructure, Quanza takes over all technical, administrative and management aspects of your infrastructure.

NOC as a Service

NOC as a Service is the "human" side of our Managed Infrastructure service. You already have engineers (internal or external), but staffing a NOC 24/7 is a big investment. NOC as a Service is the perfect solution.

Tailored Services

In specific cases, you only want to outsource part of your network. For example, because it involves a part of your infrastructure that is completely separate. Or because it concerns a specific technology.

"We make the difference by looking beyond today's demand."