NOC as a Service

Complexity like your network frastructure doesn’t just require monitoring; it requires inspired management. Experience the convenience of a customized Network Operation Center (NOC) so that your organization has the guarantee there is always someone who acts immediately. We take care of the management, so your organization can focus on innovation and growth.

Our NOC is for network owners who want to offer their customers the best – 24/7 – and therefore want a guarantee that their network infrastructure is always performing optimally. Whether you are fully participating in the 24-hour economy or due to globalization, are active in different time zones, there is always someone ready to assist you.

The NOC is a ‘white label’ solution that can be set up according to your own taste so that no one notices that Quanza operators are working in the background. Our experts go the extra mile. In fact, you can see them as remote employees: our employees know the customers and speak their language.

This is how we lay the foundation for achieving your organizational goals. And if there is an issue, we are here for you, 24/7.

Optimal performance and secure

With continuous monitoring and management of your network infrastructure, our experts ensure safety and optimal performance. This starts with our 24/7 Network Operations Center, but we also provide second and third line support. Our NOC can be purchased integrally as part of our Managed Infrastructure service, but also as a separate service, where we are the extension of your own organization. In this case, we speak of NOC as a Service.

NOC as a Service
Managed Infrastructure
Dedicated professionals who continuously keep an eye on things
An extension of your organization: our employees know your customers and speak their language
A ‘white label’ solution: your customers don’t know better than that this is your NOC
End-to-end responsibility over the entire managed network. Our engineers solve problems for you 24/7
Full support for changes in your network, risk analysis, expert guidance and actual implementation
A dedicated Service Manager to discuss all matters that go beyond the day-to-day operations
Total outsourcing of your network where guarantees can be given on availability, resolution time of incidents and turnaround time of changes

"During the day it is busy with phone calls from our institutions, at night the fiber suppliers are at work and contact us.”


Your own NOC

Preventing problems is more efficient and cheaper than solving them. Our operators deal with infrastructural challenges every day. Therefore, they are always aware of recurring issues and are tremendously effective in solving them. Opt for development and innovation. Employees spend a lot of time managing their own Network & Cloud infrastructure, so things like innovation and development are often secondary. When Quanza manages the Network & Cloud infrastructure, it frees up space for your employees. They can focus on important IT matters, such as innovation and development.

Outsource Network & Cloud infrastructure? Schedule a call!

At Quanza, we realize all too well that outsourcing a Network & Cloud infrastructure doesn’t happen overnight. Do you want to know what outsourcing management will mean for your organization? Schedule a video call with one of our experts.


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