Shared storage

With a shared storage solution, you share storage capacity between multiple systems. This has a number of advantages. For example, backups, spares and disaster recovery can be arranged centrally, and any overcapacity in terms of both performance and space, can be used by multiple systems. And to benefit to the utmost from a virtualization platform, shared storage is practically a must, given that it’s the only way to be able to move virtual machines quickly between various physical servers.

Storage possibilities

A storage system can consist of a simple JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks), but there are far more possibilities. For example, the link with the servers can occur in a traditional manner through the trusted FiberChannel, but also through an efficient ethernet network with iSCSI and NFS. There’s a wide range of options for optimizing performance, for instance like caching on SSD disks, where the most frequently used data is held on lightning-fast solid state disks. You can also opt for ‘tiered storage’, in which commonly used data is put on small fast disks, while less active data is saved to cheap, large ones. There are plenty of options for backups, redundancy and replication, for example to a failover location, which can be supplied if wished as a fully integrated solution with VMWare VSphere or Oracle Data Guard for instance.

Need help with integrations?

We know exactly what’s possible and will be happy to assist you with your existing solution or one yet to be purchased. We generally work with the proven, reliable solutions from EMC or the modern ZFS appliances from Oracle, but we will also be pleased to make time for alternate solutions. Our expertise stretches much further than just storage; we ensure solutions which will integrate optimally in your network, virtualization environment or Oracle cluster.

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