Software defined networking (SDN)

Big data means more bandwidth, BYOD demands flexibility and security and the availability of cloud services has become a standard. The requirements for an infrastructure are increasing and the virtualization of the data center continues. So organizations are looking for new approaches and technologies without losing grip on their IT. SDN offers a solution.

Less complexity, more control

SDN stands for detaching the control of the physical infrastructure. This disconnection of technology and functionality means that the technology only needs to thought of once. Daily practice then consists of functional management. SDN makes it even easier for an organization to outsource complex technical matters to an IT partner without losing control of the functional processes and the focus on core activities.

SDN and new infrastructures

We visit the most diverse organizations weekly. People want to be flexible and be able to switch quickly in order to maintain or realize a strong competitive position. Yet the complexity of IT management often throws a spanner in the works – at a time where it is necessary to have the IT infrastructure ready for the future. At Quanza, we specialize in devising, building and managing business-critical IT networks. We would be happy to discuss with you, without obligation, what is needed to optimize your infrastructure.

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