Network Security

The number of threats is growing hand over fist, and the number of solutions being developed to counter them is matching that growth exponentially. How do you protect your website against those with malicious intent? What do you do against a DDoS attack? Can unauthorized parties get into your corporate network through your wireless network?

The solution

We can provide a fitting solution to these types of questions and more. We regard security as an integral part of your infrastructure. We consider what’s important in your specific environment, and match it to a specific solution. The basic principle is to do it as lean & mean as possible, avoiding any runaway growth in security products on your network, and avoiding any unnecessary expenditure by you.

No superfluous investments

To avoid having you incur unnecessary expenditures, we only work with a limited number of vendors. Along with the traditional firewall solutions like Cisco ASA and Juniper SRX, which we can deliver, with Fortinet we can offer Next Generation Firewalling, Web Application Firewalling, Secure Wireless LAN, Email Filtering and Anti-DDoS solutions. We have also worked many years with Riorey to protect our clients against DDoS attacks.

We think along

At Quanza we will be happy to work with you on security issues that apply specifically to your infrastructure. Interested?

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