What is a hybrid cloud?

The hybrid cloud is a cloud solution that combines the strengths of on-premise, private and public cloud services. The one-size-fits-all solutions are outdated, but not completely written off. Today, every infrastructure is unique and requires customization. The hybrid cloud offers flexibility and cost efficiency, and we provide the necessary customization.

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

Through the CloudMerge Connect service of our sister company CloudMerge, Quanza can provide a secure, high-speed network connection between your on-premise environment and all leading public cloud providers, such as Azure and Amazon AWS, but also all well-known Dutch players.

More grip, less complexity

The combinations in terms of cloud solutions are endless. Sensitive information logically fits with an on-premise solution, while e-commerce giants prefer to use a private cloud and absorb peaks during the holidays via a public cloud. At Quanza we know the combinations that suit your type of business: we know the ins and outs. That means we never have to face any surprises.

Quanza knows its way in the cloud

Every week we visit the most diverse organisations. People want to be flexible and be able to switch quickly in order to maintain or realise a strong competitive position. Yet the complexity of IT management often throws a spanner in the works. And this while it is precisely now that it is necessary to get the IT infrastructure ready for the future. At Quanza, we specialize in the design, construction and management of business-critical IT infrastructures. We are happy to discuss with you what the cloud can do for you, without any obligation.

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