Datacenter services

No matter how advanced the technology behind today’s virtualized networks and datacenters, in the end every mission critical infrastructure ultimately consists of steel, copper and glass. Hardware, UTP and fiber-optic cabling remain essential requirements for stable and cost-efficient performance, and Quanza knows exactly how to get the most out of your datacenter.

Our highly trained datacenter technicians can help you with the roll-out, 24×7 maintenance and logistics of your datacenter presence in the Netherlands. Scroll down for an overview of our services!

Datacenter roll-out services

Crazy deadline? Don’t worry! We’ll have your Amsterdam POP up and running in no-time!

Our certified datacenter experts are fully capable of building your datacenter presence in the Netherlands from scratch. We can supply and install high-quality structured cabling, mount your gear, wire your rack, power-up and preconfigure your equipment, all following industry standards – or your own best practices.

Upon completion, you’re receive documentation, digital pictures and test results of the entire installation to simplify support in the rest of the infrastructure’s lifecycle.

Since 2001 we have handled many projects, and have succesfully completed many large projects in record time due to our optimized process, highly skilled engineers and intimate knowledge of all locations in and around Amsterdam.

Ready to roll-out on time and on budget?

24×7 Smart remote hands

We can provide ongoing support on datacenter installations through our Smart Remote Hands Service, which is available with guaranteed response times for critical installations. Smart Remote Hands services include:

  • Onsite/offsite technical assistance and troubleshooting
  • Equipment installations and configurations
  • Interface card installations, removals and re-seating
  • Testing media for continuity and proper signalling
  • Providing visual verifications to assist in remote troubleshooting
  • Inventorying/labelling of equipment
  • Restarting network or server equipment
  • Adding, removing, and verifying a demarcation
  • Moving equipment within your space and cabinets
  • Moving or securing cables
  • Liaise with local datacenters, telecom operators and shipping companies


Save yourselve the headache of dealing with international shipments, commercial invoices an other paperwork and waiting for your shipments to clear customs.

Quanza can supply you with components from all major vendors – all you have to do is send us a purchase order and we will take care of the rest. This includes datacenter infrastructure components like racks and cables, but also any network, server or storage equipments that is to be installed in your racks.

Certified cabling

By certifying legacy infrastructures in datacenters or buildings, you will gain insight in the quality of the infrastructure and assess whether the infrastructure is future proof or needs renovation or upgrades to support modern applications. We are Panduit and Corning Certified Installers and can thus provide Panduit Certification PlusSM System Warranty and Corning warranty on applicable system installations.

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