What do you do against downtime?

Your organisation runs entirely on an IT infrastructure – and your customers demand continuous availability. So downtime is not an option. You should always ask yourself:

  • Did we arrange certain procedures?
  • Are there always expert employees available – and how quickly can they be on site?
  • What are the agreements with the suppliers and how do we reach them?
  • Are there backups?
  • Are we warned early by a monitoring system?
  • Do we know if our infrastructure is functioning optimally?
Quanza - techniek faalt

Always a solution for your IT infrastructure

Outsourcing the management of your infrastructure to Quanza means working without stress. We inventorize, document and optimize your environment, check backups and redundancy and incorporate all elements into our monitoring system that checks real-time changes, performance and availability.

Quanza line down

Continuous monitoring

Quanza continuously monitors the capacity of your infrastructure. By default, possible threats and risks are detected at an early stage. We solve outages ourselves. If necessary, even with the manufacturer. Does a problem need to be solved on location? Then we send a field engineer. At Quanza, we always have a solution. And all this for a fixed monthly fee, regardless the number of working hours.

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