Charity campaign Quanza during Christmas 2020 big success

19 May 2021

Quanza would like to thank all relations who have voted for their input. The three charities are very grateful that they received a donation through our relationships.

Let us introduce: Anouk Noordervliet, Manager Service Operations

24 November 2020

Quanza completes its new Management Team. Meet Anouk Noordervliet, Manager Service Operations at Quanza!

Quanza completes its new Management Team

30 July 2020

As of July 1, 2020 Jan Martijn Metselaar started as Manager Engineering of Quanza B.V.. Earlier this year Quanza already appointed Anouk Noordervliet as Manager Service Operations, Adam van de Putte as Manager Customer Operations and John de Voogd as Manager Sales. This completes the new Management Team of Quanza.

From now on, “One” Quanza!

22 June 2020

Quanza Engineering B.V., QNOC Services B.V. and CloudMerge B.V. will merge into "Quanza B.V.".

This is why it makes sense to outsource your NOC

30 April 2020

This new and final blog post in this series deals with the question which type of outsourced NOC is best suited for most organizations.

These are the financial benefits of NOC as a Service (NaaS)

23 April 2020

The occupation of an NOC requires considerable resources and is therefore expensive. With an NOC as a Service (NaaS) this is not the case.

These are the operational benefits of NOC as a Service

17 April 2020

Earlier in this series, we gave an introduction to the NOC services and the general benefits associated with them. In this new blog post we dive deeper into the operational benefits for companies when they choose NOC as a Service (Naas).

The network operations center – an introduction

8 April 2020

f you provide critical services in which IT plays a key role, a network operations center (NOC) is a necessity. In this control room of your IT-management, all assets are continuously monitored. How does a NOC work and what does it take to operate one?

Our services during the corona crisis

16 March 2020

Quanza supports and facilitates organizations in keeping their IT-infrastructures operational. Now that the whole of the Netherlands is dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus, we want to keep you informed about the measures we take in the interest of our customers. The infrastructures managed by Quanza are often part of the vital infrastructure of […]

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