20-year-old idea factory

Our roots lie with the first Digital Enterprises: Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Since the very beginning, 20 years ago now, the requirements of ISPs have been high, their margins low, and their time too short. This requires creative solutions. Our smart people are one step ahead when it comes to designing and devising an optimally available and sustainable infrastructure.

It sounds cliché, but no infrastructure is the same. At Quanza, we make the most out of customization. From drawing board to realization.


How do we start?

At Quanza, we prefer to get to work right away. After all customer wishes and requirements have been mapped out, we create a custom design, with the focus on the availability desired by your organization. It sounds cliché, but no infrastructure is the same.

Quanza line down

Choose the right direction

More and more companies benefit from our expertise. For these organizations, ranging from small internet pioneers to established companies, we design, build and manage the infrastructure. We do this with a team of experienced and driven employees. They have expertise in each and every area, from cabling to application. Do you have trouble choosing the right direction for your infrastructure? Call the bright minds of Quanza.

Vragen? Vragen!

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