Continuous monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure


Quanza offers a continuous monitoring and management service of your IT infrastructure. It starts with our 24×7 manned Network Operations Center, QNOC, but we also provide second and third line support. If you have a 8×5 management organization, 24×7 is a wish but you don’t have the resources to set up such an NOC: then we have the solution. Our NOC can also be purchased separately as a service: NOC as a Service.

NOC as a Service by Quanza

Complex matters such as your IT infrastructure do not just require management, they require dedicated surveillance. We can guarantee that someone will always be alert and acts immediately.

You will benefit from:

  • Dedicated professionals who continuously keep an eye on things
  • An extension of your organization: our employees know your customers and speak their language
  • A white label solution: your customers will experience this is your NOC
  • A proven 24×7 NOC as a Service – we were the first in Europe
  • Cost savings: no FTEs, planning, training or personnel administration
Quanza - 24x7 NOC

Custom Network Operations Center

When you choose Quanza, we start with an inventory of your services, procedures and systems. Based on your requirements and wishes, we make quality agreements together and translate these into clear KPIs, which we record in a SLA. From the first day of the 24×7 NOC service, we continuously evaluate and optimize our cooperation.

Our operators handle your telephone numbers, email addresses, ticket and monitoring systems and respond in the following ways:

  • Direct processing according to your procedures
  • Request or schedule follow-up actions at the right place in your organization – or at your external partners
  • Immediate escalation of urgent issues to your monitoring service

NOC as a Service: for who?

Quanza’s 24×7 NOC service is basically designed for every IT service provider in every sector. Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following characteristics?

    • You offer internet services that must be available 24×7
    • You are considering setting up an NOC service, but cannot justify the costs and efforts
    • You want to distinguish yourself with services that fit in with the 24-hour economy and globalization
    • You currently have a monitoring service that is activated too often
    • You guarantee customers maximum availability
    • You have international customers who demand 24×7 availability

    Then we advise you to contact us. Of course we are available 24×7:

AMS-IX is growing steadily worldwide and in this process we have seen that the burden on our monitoring service continues to increase. While we were considering how to deal with this, our partner Quanza appeared to be working on exactly the same subject. The rest is history. We expect a lot from this expansion of our collaboration. The customers of AMS-IX and our own organization will notice that issues are now better handled, and thus solved faster and more efficiently.
Henk Steenman, CTO AMS-IX 

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